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The Young Periodical is a Brazilian site of culture and entertainment that publishes articles from young people interested in cultural interchange. We dedicated the section International for young of other countries. Here you can express your ideas and reflections about many subjects of the daily life sending texts to be published. You can write about stuff that you like and also show your social participation.

It works like this:

01. Each bimonthly edition we launch a central subject. From it you will be able to write and send your text to the Periodical. It is The Theme.

02. Your participation in The Theme might be submitted in two ways:

Direct Participation – write your article about the subject and send it to Young Periodical to this e-mail: Depending on space and availability, your article will be published.

By School – through your school that must sign up.

03. Categories for subjects of The Theme:

Article – You can use a research or/and an interview. If you copy anything, please send us the source.

Chronicle, story, poetry - We welcome our contributions.

Educational campaign – Here you can develop an educative campaign about the theme, like an alert, a slogan, an advertising text, a direct proposal, an appeal etc. You can send pictures, charges or draws.

04. Beyond The Theme you will find at menu Open Section where you can write about different subjects. The section Interchange publishes personal experiences in different countries. It is easy to participate: just send your material by email directly to Young Periodical. As soon we receive your article we will contact you.

05. Rules:

• Send you material with your personal details: full name, age, city, state and e-mail.

• If you send a text, image or picture from some source, please let us know the source and its link.

•All sent material is the sender's responsibility.
•Please pay special attention at grammar. If it is necessary, ask for help to review on your text before sending.

•The important issues are creativity and originality. We suggest you give an original title for your article.

06. Technical tips:

• If possible send images and pictures in JPEG or GIF format, lower than 320x240 or 240x320 pixels and no bigger than 150 KB.

• We suggest that the text is not longer than 4200 touches - characters with space. To get the size of your text - if you are using “Microsoft Word - go to “Tools” and choose “Word Count”.

Here, the reporter is you. Don’t be afraid. Write to the Young Periodical!

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Here you are the reporter
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Climate changes make Central and South America suffer

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