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JJ Interview - Politics and elections

Kaoru Nakadaira

15 years old, the 1st year student in senior high school

Tokyo - Japan

JJ - Do you have interest in politics? Yes or no. Why?

No, because there are many difficult words (technical words) and it’s hard for me to understand what’s going on in politics especially when they use those difficult words on TV or in some articles.

JJ - Which is the degree of involvement and knowledge of the citizens of this country related to the politics? Is there a real participation?

We choose politicians (our representatives) by election.  However, the thing is that all kinds of problems are discussed only by them, not with us.  So, what happens is that our ideas are not necessarily shown or taken in their decisions.

JJ - How do you perceive the politics that is showed in the media of the country? Is it tendentious or impartial?

I think that the politics which is shown in the media is a little tendentious because the people in mass media express some of their ideas when they tell us the news in politics.  It’s easy for us to be influenced by what is said though media.

JJ - What is positive, what is negative in the politics and government and in the performance of the population?

In terms of election campaign, the negative point is that candidates speak very loudly on the street or in the car using the amplifiers or microphones.

JJ - How the politicians look like for the society? Which are the most common commentaries about politics and politicians?

I think they put on airs.

JJ - What about the electoral advertising in the country? Do they inform the electors?

Yes, candidates inform people of their ideas about what they will do when they are chosen as their representatives.  Some candidates make commercial messages and have them broadcast on TV.

JJ - How they deal with the corruption in politics? In which way the majority of the population faces this problem?

When there happens bribery, what sometimes happens is that people who gave a bribe and received a bribe both will have to resign for doing something bad.  Or at least either of them will have to resign.

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