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JJ Interview - Politics and elections

James Stuart Taggart

31 years old, Executive Manager

Coventry - England

JJ - Do you have interest in politics? Yes or no. Why?

No, it just doesn´t interest me at all.  All parties are the same.

JJ - Which is the degree of involvement and knowledge of the citizens of this country related to the politics? Is there a real participation?

As far as I know most people vote, appart from that I´m not sure of the participation of the general public.

JJ - How do you perceive the politics that is showed in the media of the country? Is it tendentious or impartial?

It depends which paper you read. Some lean towards Laybour and other conservative.  However if a party makes a promise and doesn´t go through with it they will get bad press. As of other media I´m not sure.

JJ - What is positive, what is negative in the politics and government and in the performance of the population?

Could not give an honest answer.

JJ - How the politicians look like for the society? Which are the most common commentaries about politics and politicians?

Most people look at the negative areas when they look at the government.  People want to read bad news in the papers.  If good news came out the common reply would be, “finaly something good has happened, I bet we won´t see that again for a while”.

JJ - What about the electoral advertising in the country? Do they inform the electors?

Don´t know.

JJ - How they deal with the corruption in politics? In which way the majority of the population faces this problem?

They put it in the papers so the person who commits any offence within politics or their private life will be exposed.


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