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Welcome to Jornal Jovem!

Jornal Jovem - Young Periodical is a Brazilian online periodical of culture and entertainment that publishes articles from young people interested in cultural interchange. We dedicate a special section called International for young from other countries. This section will be part of each bimonthly edition. Young people who live in other countries will tell us a little bit about their life and the culture of the city where they live.

JJ’s goal is to stimulate the exchange of experiences and to debate relevant issues contributing to the knowledge and the confrontation of different visions of the world. Here the young will be able to intensify the cultural link and to contribute to the reflection of issues that are important nowadays and in the future.

The section International is divided in 5 parts:

 Presentation: Our goals

 Here you are the reporter: How to participate

 • The Theme: The central subject of each edition

 • Open Section: You can write about different subjects

 • Interchange: Personal experiences about interchange in different countries

 • Contact us

It is easy to participate: just send your material by email directly to Young Periodical.


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Climate changes make Central and South America suffer

Signe Agner Holm

Copenhagen, Denmark

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